Import Microsoft Teams Template

With this new feature, user will be able to activate Microsoft’s Teams templates and provision them with Teams Manager. Microsoft Teams templates can be imported in to Templates.

This section describes the steps for importing Microsoft Teams Template.

NOTE: In Educational Tenant, Class and Professional Learning community templates will be displayed for user to import.

Go to Settings and click on Templates.

Click on down arrow from Import from existing Teams.

Click on Import a Teams Template.

Displays a dialog to select the template to import.

Select Hospital and click on Import button.

After successful import, template Hospital is displayed under Active Templates list.

when all of the Teams Template are imported, it displays no template to import message.

User can import the following Microsoft Teams Templates:

Adopt Office 365

Bank Branch





Manage a Project

Manage an Event

Organize a store

Organize Helpdesk


Quality and Safety

Retail for Managers

This completes the steps for Importing Microsoft Teams Template.

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