Create Private Teams when Approval Process enabled

Private Teams are created when Owner of the Team wants to have full control. Only Owner and the members that are included while creating the Private Teams will have access for the same. 

None of the other user will have access to the Private Teams that are created. Basically Private Teams will not be displayed to users other than the Owners and the Members. Only the Owner whoever has created this Team will be able to invite members to join this Team.

Teams are created by selecting the Templates. All the information which a Template hold will be copied to Teams too.

This section describes the steps for creation of Private Teams in Teams Manager. 

These steps are to be executed when Approval Process is enabled. Enable the checkbox under Settings->Setup->Approval->Enable Team approval process.

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to tab "Teams".

Click on button "Create a Team".

Select "Private" from "What kind of team will this be?" dialog box.

Select "1G0904191049" from "Which Template do you want to use?" dialog box and click on button "Continue".

NOTE: Template "1G0904191049" is already created using section "Create Template" and is available in Teams Manager.

Enter the details related to the Teams in the following fields:

Team Name: This is a text field which accepts alphanumeric characters and special characters between 3 and 100. This is a mandatory field. Enter Team name as "PT-S2S".

Description: This is a text box which accepts alphanumeric characters  and special characters. This accepts around 100 characters and this is not a mandatory field. Enter description as "This is a Private Team".

Owner: This is a text field and this field is by default updated with the user currently logged in. This will be the Owner of the Teams. One Owner is mandatory for the Teams, but there are possibilities to add more than one owner for the Teams. This is a mandatory field. By default this field is updated as "Christian Gross" as this is the logged in user.

Member: This is a text field and this field can hold more than one members. This is not a mandatory field. Enter "Jarbas Horst" as member.

Note: "Jarbas Horst" should be available in active users in Office 365.

Comment: This is a text field and user can enter short description about the Teams. This is a mandatory field. Enter value as "This is a Private Team for S2S".

Click on button "Create".

Displays "Nice work" in dialog box and displays confirmation message "Successfully created request 'PT-S2S'".

After successful creation of the Private Team, it displays Team under "My Open Requests" section in "Requests" tab.

Click on the tick mark "" in right corner to record "PT-S2S".

It displays "Approve this request?" message box.

Enter comments as "This is approved" in comments field and click on button "Approve".

Once the Team is approved, it goes to "Approved Requests" and the Team is also displayed under "My active Teams" in Teams tab with following details in tabular form:

Note: It takes up a minute for the Approved Requests to be displayed under My Teams in "Teams" tab.

Name: Displays title as "P" and name as "PT-S2S".

Description: Displays Description as "This is a Private Team".

People: Displays the count as 2 as there is one Owner and one member that is associated to this Private Team.

Type: Displays the icon as "" which specifies that this is a Private Team.

Thus Private Team is created successfully and is displayed under "My active Teams".

This completes the functionality on creation of Private Teams in Teams Manager when Approval Process is enabled.

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