Create Template

The first step for the Admin in Teams Manager is to create Templates. Only Users who has Admin rights will be able to Create Templates.

Templates can be of type "Teams", "SharePoint Site", "Communication Site", "Modern Site without Group" and "Planner". Corresponding Template types will be displayed when user creates specific content types. For example, when user creates Team, Team type templates will ONLY be displayed to user, when user creates Communication Site, Communication site type templates will ONLY be displayed. 

There are NO Yammer Community type templates available. Yammer Communities can be created without templates.

This section describes the steps for creation of Templates in Teams Manager. 

NOTE: Go to Settings-Requests and enable toggle fields for Yammer community, SharePoint Sites, Communication Sites, Enable Modern Site without groups, Planner.

Go to Teams Manager and from Teams or Requests tab, navigate to tab "Templates".

Click on button "Create a Template".

User will be provided with options to select Teams, SharePoint Site, Communication Site, Modern Site without group and Planner. This depends on the settings provided in Settings-Request.

Select Team and Create a Team Template dialog is displayed to user.

Enter the following details in the fields as mentioned below:

Template Name: This is the name of the template which will be used. This is a mandatory text field and user can enter characters between 3 and 100.  Enter Template name as "Template001"

Description: This field contains the description about the template that is being created. This is also a mandatory text field and user can enter values between 3 and 100 characters. Enter "Description" as "This is my first Template".

Confirmation message "Creating Template Template001" is displayed to the user.

Once Template is created, confirmation message "Successfully created template Template001" is displayed to the user and the Template is created successfully.

After successful creation of new template, this template gets displayed under "Active Templates" and the count next to "Active Templates" is displayed as 1. 

Note: User has to wait for 1-2 minutes for the templates to be created successfully with version 1.

When templates of types Communication site, Modern site without group is created, it takes 15-20 mins to get it displayed in Approve Requests.

Same steps to be followed for creating other templates types too.

For Users who does not have Admin Rights:

Users who does not have Admin rights will not be able to Create Templates. User will not be provided with option of Templates screen at all.

This completes the functionality on creation of template in Teams Manager.

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