Edit Metadata fields in Teams

Metadata can be edited in Teams, This section describes the steps for updating the Metadata fields in Teams in Teams Manager. 

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to tab "Teams".

Select the Teams 'Team-MD' and under Active Teams.

Click on 3 dots in right corner of the Team.

Click on option 'Edit Metadata'.

Metadata of team 'Team-MD' dialog box is displayed to user.

Click on button 'Edit Metadata'.

Modify the value in 'TestField' from value 'Custom Test field' to 'Update of Metadata".

Click on Save.

Displays confirmation message to user "Successfully updated metadata for team Team-MD."

NOTE: If view has 'TestField', the value in Test field will be updated in the 'TestField' column.

NOTE: If metadata field is running number field, on edit of metadata, it automatically increments with the next value.

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams in Teams Manager with Metadata fields.

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