Create Template with InfoPage

This section describes the steps for creation of Template with InfoPage in Teams Manager. 

Creation of Template with InfoPage:

Go to Teams Manager and from Teams or Requests tab, navigate to tab "Templates".

Create a new template "Template-InfoPage".

Go to Microsoft Teams and search for "Template-InfoPage".

Go to General channel and click on '+' to add a new tab.

Select Teams Manager and select Infopage and click on button Save.

Following fields will be displayed after Infopage is added to the template:

A notification is displayed to user that "This team is used as a template. Not all fields can be displayed".

General Information tab:

Title of Team: This field contains the name of the Template(Template-InfoPage)

Description of Team:  This field contains the decription of the Template(Template-InfoPage)

Visibiltiy of Team: Either public or private

Site URL: This is URL which will be opened in Sharepoint.

Owner,Member and Guest details of the Team

Navigate to Policy and Metadata tab:

Policy Information tab:

Applied Policy: Contains the policy information(None to Templates as policy is not applied to Templates)

Should have text "This team does not have a connected lifecycle" as lifecycle is not applied to Templates

MetaData Fields:

If there are any metadata fields set in this template, there will be Metadata fields displayed under this section. 

Set the following Metadata fields in Template  "Template-InfoPage".




NOTE: These 3 metadata fields are available in template "Template-InfoPage".

Go to Teams Manager, navigate to Templates tab. Save the template "Template-InfoPage".

This completes the functionality on creating a Template with InfoPage in Teams Manager.

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