This screen displays the welcome page of Teams Manager. Here, user has an option to teaching bubble by click on Start Introduction button and switching to Mockup data by clicking on Switch on Mockup Data button.

This section details the teaching bubbles in Settings page.

Start Introduction:

Go to Teams Manager and click on tab "Settings".

Click on Welcome link under Settings.

Click on Start Introduction button.

Teaching bubble starts from Welcome Page.

Click on Next and user will be navigated to the list of Teaching bubbles as mentioned below with Next button:

The following options are visible to all the users.

Grant Application Permission        

Grant Delegated Permission        

Enable Guest Access        

Grant Guest Access Permission        

Enable Approval        

Approver List        

Add Approver        

Service Mail Account        

Request Notifications        

Lifecycle Notifications        

Personal Settings Notification        

Same As Template Tab        

View List        

Create View        

Naming Convention List        

Add Naming Convention        

Lifecycle List        

Add Lifecycle        


Policy Package        

Policy Execution        

Policy History        

Start converting Teams        

Converting Teams Enable Approval        

Exclude Teams        

Excluded Teams List        



Admin List        

Add Admin        

Thank you        

Teaching bubble in Settings tab ends with End Introduction button.

This completes the welcome page in Teams Manager.

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