Introduction to Teams Manager

Teams Manager is an application developed by Solutions2Share for managing Teams which provides:

a. Users to create Templates with predefined channels, tabs and apps. 

b. Governance of Teams with approval process.

c. Insights in Teams Infrastructure

d. provides an opportunity for adding TeamsManager to MS Teams.

Main Advantages on using Teams Manager are:

a. Prevention of Uncontrolled Growth: Teams Manager keeps control of the Teams Infrastructure and prevents the unchecked growth.

b. Optimize Usage: Teams Manager helps in gaining insight in use of Teams in organization with Reporting feature. This is currently not implemented and is planned for future versions.

c. Right Structure from Start: Teams Manager provides user with preconfigured templates and improves collaboration.

d. Supported by all devices: Teams Manager is fully responsive, that means that it can be used by all device types and screen size.

Installation, Features and functionalities available in Teams Manager is explained in the following sections.