Create Team with Requests tab

Teams can be created with Templates which contains Requests Tab where normal user can perform all operations such as Add Requests, Approve Requests, Reject Requests, Update Request, Delete Requests etc without use of Teams Manager application. When a template is created with Request, and this template is used in creation of a Team, the Request tab associated with the templates will be available also for the Teams.

This section describes the steps for creation of Teams with Requests in Teams Manager. 

Creation of Teams with Requests:

Go to Teams and create a new Team with name "Team_Requests" by selecting the template "Template-Requests".

NOTE:  "Template-Requests" should exist with Teams Manager with Requests added from Teams Manager app. Steps for the same is mentioned in Template with Request Tab

Login as approver and approve the Requests.

Go to Microsoft Teams and select the team "Team_Requests".

Go to General Channel.

After 2- 3mins, Requests is added as a tab to the Teams "Team_Requests". User can now access all Requests tab of Teams Manager and perform all operations that can be performed in Request tab of Teams Manager.

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams with Requests tab in Teams Manager. 

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