Create Teams with Planner Tasks and Buckets

Teams can be created with Planner Tasks and Buckets in Teams Manager. When a template is created with Planner, this template can be used in creation of a team. The Planner associated with the templates will be available also for the Teams(that will belong to the Teams).

User that creates a Team, has to login to Planner once, in order to provision the planner associated to templates.

This section describes the steps for creation of Teams with Planner in Teams Manager. 

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to tab "Templates".

Create a new template "Template-Planner".

Go to Microsoft Teams and search for "Template-Planner".

Click on General channel and Click on "+".

Select "Planner" from Add a tab screen.

Click on Create a New Plan.

Enter "NewPlan" as name and click on Save button.

Enter "Testing1" under Task and click on Add Task button.

Enter 2 more tasks by click of Add Task button "Testing2" and "Testing3".

Enter some details in the tasks of "Testing1","Testing2" and "Testing3" by entering start date, end date, priority details.

Click on Add new Bucket, enter "Bucket1" add "Task1", "Task2" to Bucket "Bucket1".

Go to Teams Manager and go to Templates tab.

Search for "Template-Planner" and save the Template.

Go to Teams and create a Team "TeamPlan1" with template "Template-Planner".

Login as approver and approve the Team.

Go to Microsoft Teams and select the team "TeamPlan1".

After 2- 3mins, Planner added in the template is available to the Teams "TeamPlan1". All tasks, buckets available with details are copied to the Planner associated with the Team.

NOTE: Teams can also be created with attaching existing Planner from other existing templates and Teams.

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams with Planner. 

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