Create Teams with Classification

Teams can be created with classification after execution of powershell script to include the Classification in Teams Manager application. 

Consider, in new tenant, Classification script is executed. When user clicks on Settings->Governance->Classification, following screen is displayed.

Following classifications are available in the Teams Manager after executing the PowerShell script using section Classifications:

1. Confidential

2. Restricted

3. Internal Use

4. Public

This section describes the steps for creation of Teams with Classification in Teams Manager. 

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to tab "Teams".

Click on button "Create a Team".

Select "Private" from "What kind of team will this be?" dialog box.

Select "Test-Template" from "Which Template do you want to use?" dialog box and click on button "Continue".

NOTE: Template "Test-Template" is already created using section "Create Template" and is available in Teams Manager.

Enter the details related to the Teams in the following fields:

Enter Team name as "Team-Class", Description as "Teams using Classification", Owner as default user account, Comment as "Teams using Classification" and select "Restricted" in "This team is created for "drop down".

Click on button "Create".

Displays "Nice work" in dialog box and displays confirmation message "Successfully created request 'Team-Class".

After successful creation of the Private Team, it displays Team under "My Open Requests" section in "Requests" tab.

Click on the tick mark "" in right corner to record "Team-Class".

It displays "Approve this request?" message box.

Enter comments as "This is approved" in comments field and click on button "Approve".

Once the Team is approved, it goes to "Approved Requests" and the Team is also displayed under "My active Teams" in Teams tab.

Thus Private Team is created successfully and is displayed under "My active Teams".

Go to Microsoft Teams and search for the Team "Team-Class" in Search box.

Click on channel "General", and Team is classified as "Restricted".

This completes the functionality on creation of Private Teams in Teams Manager with Classification.

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