Create Teams with Policy applied

This section describes the creation of Teams with policy being applied. This policy package contains Naming convention being applied for Teams associated.

Following section describes the prerequisite that should be available for a policy to be applied on creation of a Team:

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to Naming Convention under Governance.

Naming convention "NC-TEST" should be available in Naming convention with prefrix of custom adding "Project" to Teams.

Go to Policies under Governance.

Policy Package "Policy-001" should be available in Policy package with Naming Convention "NC-Test".

Go to Policy Execution tab, and Policy execution should be available with "Policy-001" and condition should be for any template that contains "Temp".

Note: For creation of Naming Convention, Policy package, Policy Execution, user can refer to sections 

Create Naming Convention, 

Create Policy Package

Create Policy Execution

Following section describes the steps for creation of Teams when policy is applied:

Go to Teams and create a new Team with name "Team-Policy" by selecting the template "Temp0001".

Note: Temp0001 should be available to the user.

Login as approver and approve the Team.

Newly created Team is available under Active Teams with policy applied to it, Team name will be appended with prefix "Project". This team will have the team name as "Project-Team-Policy".

Go to Policies->History tab.

User can observe that policy is applied and old value of Team name "Team-Policy" is changed to new value "Project-Team-Policy"

Note: Same way Naming convention for OneNote, Planner can be defined. Also lifecycle notifications for Extention, Reactivation and deletion can be set and associated in Policy Package.

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams with applying of policies.

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