Create Teams with SharePoint Document Libraries

Teams can be created using SharePoint Document Library. Templates can be created with SharPoint Document Library and these can be used while creating Teams. Document Library are then provisioned to Teams from Templates.

This section covers the creation of teams with SharePoint Document Library.

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to  "Templates".

Create new Template. eg Temp-Doclib-14feb

Open Template "Temp-Doclib-14feb" in Microsoft Teams.

Go to Files and Navigate to SharePoint. 

Create Document Library and Create Site Column of type Text.

Create Site Content type of type document.

Enter values in all columns.

Go to Teams Manager and save the Template "Temp-Doclib-14feb".

Go to Teams and create Teams 'Teams-DocLib' using template Temp-Doclib-14feb'.

Site Column, Site Content types are provisioned to Teams.

Following other types are also supported while creation and provisioning of site and list columns:

Date time



Lookup (only main column)

Person/Group (without default value)

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams  with SharePoint Document Libraries.

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