Approve Requests

When Approval process is enabled, Teams are to be approved before it can be used further. Teams that are to be approved are displayed under "My Open Requests" and the Approver can select the Teams and can either approve or reject the Teams.

Following section describes approving the Requests in Teams Manager when Approval process is enabled. 

Execute the steps until step 7 from section "My Open Requests".

Select Team "PrivateTeam-S2S" and click on the tick mark "" in right corner of the record.

It displays "Approve this request?" message box.

Enter comments as "This Private Team is approved" in comments field and click on button "Approve".

Once the Team is approved, it goes to "Approved Requests" and the Team is displayed with following details in tabular form:

Name: "P" and name as "PrivateTeam-S2S".

Approval Date: Date when this request was approved. Displays the current date.

Approved By: "Christian Gross" as this is the user who has approved this requests.

Template: "1G0904191049".

Thus Private Team is approved and displayed under "Approved Requests" section.

Now, Admin can view all Requests under Open Requests and can Approve them.

NOTE: Public Teams can also be approved and will be displayed under "Approved Requests".

This completes the Approved Requests in Teams Manager when Approval Process is enabled.

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