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The Solutions2Share SuggestionField is a custom field type which provides an autocomplete function for the items in the selected columns. The selected value from can be used, deleted or modified.  

After the installation of the Solutions2Share SuggestionField the autocomplete textbox is availible in the farm as custom field type with the name „SuggestionField”.
To use this functionality you have to crate a column with the field type „SuggestionField” in your list or library.

The autocomplete textbox can now be used.

If you have added the new field, it behaves like any other field, because no entries exist in the column.

Any additional entries will then expand the SuggestionField to the corresponding entry.

These Column (in this column "Branch") remembers the existing entries and gives you an autocomplete  suggestion.

The user is free to use is a proposed entry, modify or create a new entry. The entries that are already used in the list of the suggestion changes in the field not affected of course.
Especially with many entries, the AutoComplete feature helps to reduce the time to find the right entry.

The Solutions2Share – SuggestionField is constantly maintained by Solutions2Share team. Please report your error message to a Solutions2Share contact person and help us to improve our products.