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Press the Button “Templates” in the left navigation.

Press the “Documents” tab in the ribbon bar. Then press the Button “Create Template”.

  1. Enter a name for your template in the title textbox.
  2. Set a optional description.
  3. Choose a quotoa.
  4. Unselect the Nintex Module, if you are not using Nintex Workflow.
  5. Select a managed path.

And press the OK-Button.

Please wait while the Collaboration Manager has created the template.

Press the hyperlink "Workspaces" in the left navigation and press hover over the "New Item"-Button in the Items ribbon bar.
To create a new workspace press the button with the name "TeamSite".

  1. Select a title for the workspace.
  2. Enter a description.
  3. Press the Save-Button.

Wait while the Collaboration Manager has created the workspace. After the creation process press the hyperlink of the workspace (here: http://vorlage/sites/TestTeamSite")

If you see a blank workspace without getting an error message the Collaboration Manager is successfully installed.

Now you can start with your Collaboration Portal.