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1. Update

To update your Collaboration Manager you have to use the Setup.exe of the installation package.

Please remove the solution.

Wait for the success.

Close the Setup wizard.

2. Install the Collaboration Manager

Please perform a new installation of the Collaboration Manager

3. Remove the License Managment

Remove the License Management solution with the setup.exe
If the installation package is lost, you can download it here.

4. Install the License Managment again

Please perform a new installation of the License Management.
!Important: Please install the License Managment to the WebApplication with the Central Administration and one of the Content WebApplications.

5. Deploy the modules again

After the installation the modules must be deployed again. Read Modules management and the childs below.

6. Restart the SPTimerv4
The SPTimerv4 must be stopped after deploying the modules.
Open the CMD and write the command "net stop sptimerv4". Afther that you start the service again with the command "net start sptimerv4".

7. Perfom an IISRESET
Insert the command "iisreset /noforce" in the CMD.

8. Reactivate the WebsiteCollection Feature
To guarantee the function of the Collaboration Manager the SiteCollection Features in the Central Administration must be resetted.

Please navigate to the Site Settings in the Central Administration.

Now press the hyperlink "Manage site features".

Scroll down until you see "Solutions2Share - Collaboration Manager Administration" and activate them.

9. Saving the Templates again

Please save the templates again. You can do this with a workflow or per hand -> Versioning templates

10. Validate the update

Now you have to check if everything worked. Please select Licencse Management in your Central Administration.

You can control the version here.

After that you have to activate the Collaboration Manager again. Choose "Web application settings" in the Central Administration.

Press the button "Activate the Collaboration Manager".

Now you can check the function -> Validate configuration