SCA Module

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The SiteCollection administrators will be assigned from the template to the workspaces.

Go in the setup folder, choose the folder "Resources" and after that the folder "Modules".

Now open your SharePoint 2010 Manamgent Shell and write the command "add-spsolution" in the programm and make a space.

Now you can fill the Share Point PowerShell window with one of the .wsp-files with drag and drop.
On some servers the "drag and drop" - function doesn't work. Please type the file path per hand.

Please confirm now your choice with the enter key.

To deploy the module you have to go to your "Central Administration". Choose there the "System Settings".

Select the field "Manage farm solutions".

Now select your module, which you added (this in only an example)

Press the "Deploy Solutino" button. Deploying can take a few minutes.

Confirm with the "OK" button.


Open the command shell and go to the directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Microsoft Shared\Web Server Externsions\14\bin"

Enter the command:
stsadm.exe -o addsolution -filename [installation directory]