Locked Workspace Field

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This field can lock a workspace. This feature works together with the group permission field. If you activated the function "Remove groups on locked Workspace” in the group permission field, all permissions of the selected groups are going to be removed automatically. Groups that are not selected in the group permission field will not be affected.
A "User Access Field" will remain uneffected.

It can be created in the workspace list as a sitecollection administrator in the "Collaboration Manager" Ribbon Group.

The related workspace field requires only the generals like name, description, the contenttype to be assigned to and the require column information.

It is a simple Lookup, where you can select the related Workspace.
This field is used for WebParts like sub workspaces webpart, sub workspace information webpart and others.

Sample item:

The hook wouldn't be automatically removed, but the members in the group section will be removed after about 10 minutes.