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The documents range function which provides SharePoint and Word is to represent a good way to get information from their central document.

So they can consume information quickly without opening the document and save a lot of time.

Unfortunately SharePoint supports only Word documents by default. Therefore Solutions2Share developed the Worksheet Synchronizer to save a lot of time by working with Excel lists. The Worksheet Synchronizer works slightly differently from the document area function in Word documents. Instead of a static bar at the top of the document, you can dynamically set from which excel cell it copy the value to your document library.

If the Worksheet Synchronizer is completely installed, you can use it in all website collections in the SharePoint Farm.
To use it in your document library you have to add a new column with the type „Shows the values of a cell in an Excelfile”.

After choosing the type there are more options you have to configure.

Description: This field allows you to enter an additional description.
„Require that this column contains information” and „Enforce unique values” are SharePoint Standard choice boxes and are not relevant to the Worksheet Synchronizer
With "worksheet" you configure the worksheet page from the Excel document where the data will be consumed.

In addition, you must specify the column and row of the Excel list.

Achten sie darauf, dass sie diese Werte exakt eingeben: Wenn sie statt „Tabelle1“ das Arbeitsblattfeld mit „Tabelle 1“ füllen, wird der WorksheetSynchronizer dies nicht interpretieren können, das bedeutet, dass sie keine Werte in ihrer Dokumentenbibliothek angezeigt bekommen. Eine weitere beliebte Fehlerquelle ist die Eingabe einer Zahl für das Spaltenfeld.
Take care to enter these values ​​exactly: If you takes "Sheet1" instead of "Sheet_1" the Worksheet Synchronizer will not be able to interpret this. That means, that they get no values ​ in your document libraries. Another common source of error is to enter a number for the column field. Haben sie die Spalte fertig konfiguriert, wird jedes Excel Dokument, das von nun an in diese Bibliothek hochgeladen wird, mit den Werten aus der angegeben Zelle gefüllt.

After configuration of the column, each Excel document, which will be uploaded to the library, will be synchronized.If you want to synchronize existing documents with your new Worksheet Synchronizer columns, only use the Edit Dialog of the selected document and save your settings again.