Creating a workspace

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After your first template is ready, you can create your first workspace.
For this purpose create a new item in the “Workspace”.

The Collaboration Manager gives you the possibility to use the versioning of the “Template” library. That means you can use the latest versions of your template as well as originally versions to create your workspace.
The dropdown control to the right of the selected template allows you to change the version of the template. After every change in your template the version number is automatically increased by one.
With some intelligent modifications to your template the template can be useful in several versions.

The creation of the workspace can last a few minutes. Refresh your browser and wait until your list item displays an URL.
The usage of special characters is allowed, but take care that the root of with regular characters equals an existing workspace.
For example “project room*” and “project room”: If workspace “project room*“ is to be created an error will occur because the workspace “project room” “blocks” the process.