Switch to Live Data and Setup

After the initial Teams Manager installation, when the user switches to Live data from Mockup data, permissions to access the Teams Manager should be provided in the Setup screen. Following section describes the steps for providing the permissions in Teams Manager when switching to live data.

From Templates tab, click on Switch to Live data button in the red banner.

Note: Red banner is available in all the tabs of Teams Manager with switch to Live data button.


Displays a validation message that 'The Teams Manager is missing permissions. Please notify your tenant....".

Click on Go to Settings button in the red banner.

Close the Teaching bubble in Settings.

Click on button "Grant Permissions to Teams Manager". Selecting this button provides advanced permissions to work on Teams Manager and grants the permissions.

It displays a new window for the user to select the account which needs advanced permission.

Select the account and Click on button "Accept" and displays a confirmation message that "Teams Manager has now Application Permissions" and user can close the dialog.

This completes the functionality of providing permissions in Teams Manager and Teams Manager is ready to be used with Live data.

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