Set Visibility for Template

This function enables to create user groups based on fixed users or from AD attributes. The templates can be assigned to the groups.

This section describes the steps for assigning users to Templates in Teams Manager. Users can be assigned to any of the template types.

Steps for Creation of Dynamic Group:

Go to Settings and click on Dynamic Groups.

Create a dynamic group Dyngrp01 with  member Alex Wilber and enter condition that Department equals IT.

Go to Templates and Create a new Template 'TempDyn'.

From Active Templates, click on 3 dots in right corner of template 'TempDyn' and click on Set visibility.

Set the template visibility dialog will be displayed.

Here, user can select the dynamic groups that has the user and the condition associated.

Select dynamic group Dyngrp01 and click on update button.

Dynamic group Dyngrp01 is successfully updated to template 'TempDyn'.

This completes the functionality of assigning users to Template in Teams Manager.

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