This section describes about the Licensing in Teams Manager.

Once Teams Manager is installed, 30day trial period is provided where user can register by providing all information.  Following screens are displayed to the user when Teams Manager is newly installed.

1. Login to Teams and click on Teams Manager application from left panel.

2. Register Trial window is displayed.

3. Enter the following information in "Register Trial" window. All fields in Register Trial window accepts minimum of 3 characters and all fields are mandatory fields. Button "Register Trial" gets enabled only when all fields are updated with 3 characters and all fields are entered with details.

3.a. Last Name: Enter last name details as "S2S".

3.b. First Name: Enter first name details as "S2S".

3.c Company: Enter company details as "Solutions2Share".

3.d E-Mail: Enter email id as "".

3.e Phone Number: Enter Phone number as "

3.f Country: Enter Country as "004991113133660"

3.g City: Enter City as "Vietsbronn"

3.h Post Code: Enter Post code as "90587".

3.i Street: Enter Street as "Albrecht Str 47a".

Select checkbox for accepting the "Terms and Conditions" and click on button "Register Trial".

3. Teams manager displays a window for granting of additional permissions. Provide additional permissions using the steps from step 9 until step 16 available in Installation of Teams Manager.

4. Go to Settings->Maintenance->Licensing. Displays the license details as below:

Following screen is displayed to the user when license of Teams Manager expires after 30 days Trial period.

This completes the Licensing in Teams Manager.

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