Create Teams with two Owners

Team will be required to have two owners - just in case if one owner leaves the company or is not available, Team will still have owner.

This section describes the steps for creation of two owner Teams.

Go to Teams Manager and navigate to Settings.

Create a new policy package with two owner option enabled. Refer to Create Policy Package for steps.

Create a new policy execution with policy package created in previous step and add a condition Template contains 'Temp'.

From Templates, Create a new template "Template-0001".

Go to Teams tab and create a new Teams with name 'Teams-2owner'.

Since two owners are selected in policy, in Create Teams/Create Requests dialog, 'You need at least 2 owners for this template' validation message will be displayed under Owners field.

Enter all details, enter 2 users in Owner field and create the Teams.

If there are any naming convention, that will also be applied to the Teams name on creation.

Teams will be created successfully with 2 owners.

If Approval is enabled, Teams will be created successfully after approval.

This completes the functionality on creation of Teams with 2 owners. 

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