Mail templates

Every individual gets notified via e-mail when invited to a team. The following settings are available for custom e-mail templates:

Go to Settings page.

Click on E-Mail templates.

Click on the drop down menu and choose between the following options:

- New request

- Approved request

- Rejected request

- Onboarding process

- Onboarding Pin

- Onboarding renewal

Select one of the options and start customizing the template. You are able to change the position of any text or image field and you can also type in your own custom text. On the right you can choose between more options to customize the template:

  • Content:









  • Blocks:

       -different sized blocks

  • Body:

       -Text Color

       -Background Color

       -Content Width

       -Content Alignment

       -Font Family

       -E-Mail Preheader Text

       -Link Color

       -Link underline option

By drag and drop you can add the different options to your template.

Another example for customizing is the option to edit the text color.

Click the color field in the body section and choose a color you like.

Be careful when changing the size of an item. When values reach a certain size the item can be all over the screen

In the blocks section you can drag and drop new blocks into the template which you can fill with every option available.

When you finish customizing, click on save.

You can also reset the templates if you do not like your customization.

Therefore click on reset templates.

This completes the Mail templates page in External User Manager.