Introduction to External User Manager

External User Manager is an application developed by Solutions2Share for managing Teams which provides:

a. Managing external access in Microsoft Teams

b. Stay in control with the Integrated Approval Workflow and let users create a guest access request in one simple process.

c. Keep the overview with the external user permission overview and the external user access history and create rules for NDA and GDPR.

d. Display active and inactive users, receive notifications about rule violations and stay in control of your environment.

Main Advantages on using External User Manager are:

Governance Feature:

- It aids in request & approval of the workflow  

- Helps in automated access review process  

- Maintains track of external users

Compliance Feature:

- NDA, GDPR, End User Agreement 

- Custom On-boarding experience 


Bot automation control:

- Access & Violation alerts  

- Track old external users  

Installation, Features and functionalities available in External User Manager are explained in the following sections: