Secure Store Service

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Press the hyperlink "Application Management" in the left navigation and then press the hyperlink "Manage service applications".

Select your "Secure Store Service Application". The name in the Screenshot can be different form your portal. Have a look about the type.

Press the "New"-Button.

Enter the required data in the textboxes:

  1. Target Application ID:        Collaboration Manager
  2. Display Name:                Collaboration Manager
  3. Contact E-Mail:                [your mail]
  4. Target Application Type        Group

Press the Next-Button.

Press the Next-Button.

Enter an administrator account in the people picker field for "Target Application Administrators".

Enter "All Users" in Members.

Press the OK-Button.

Hover over the hyperlink "Collaboration Manager" and press the arrow on the right side. Press the Button "Set Credentials".

Enter the data of the farm account and press the OK-Button. (This is an example!)